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One EMS is not only about your work life, but also about your home life.

In 2020, the rate of change in the EMS field exploded and with it the need for the people in EMS to connect. One EMS was born from the vision of Brian Haney and Charles McFall to bring the EMS community together. Brian and Charles envisioned a central platform that provided information and networking opportunities.

Brian Haney

Founder of LifeCare EMS of Georgia & Trinity EMS

His background includes working for a Fortune 50 company and as a Rockdale City Fire-Fighter. It gives him a unique perspective on the challenges of EMS first responders and leaders. Brian is passionate about creating environments that teamwork, proactive communication, and education.


Charles McFall

COO for Trinity & LifeCare EMS

Over the last year, he grew the number of clinics serviced, employees, and ambulances by over 100%. Previously, Charles utilized his background as an EMT Paramedic at the Georgia Institute of EMS. As an AEMT instructor and curriculum manager, he created and produced education content. Charles is the voice of the One EMS podcast.

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