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The Voice of EMS: Chief Howell and Caring for All

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Chief Howell started working as a first responder over 36 years ago. Currently, as Chief at Bryan County Emergency Services (BCES) he oversees emergency services for over 30,000 citizens living in over 450 square miles. Chief Howell developed new EMS protocols, annual reports, and created career paths for future officers. He oversaw the construction of three stations, remodel of one station, and the purchase of ambulances helping to update and modernize the department. A graduate from Columbia Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in fire science, he worked across the state from Waycross to King’s Hill to Bryan County. Whether a frontline firefighter or the Chief, helping others is his focus. “I love this work. I like helping people and that is how I look at this profession.”1 In his spare time, Chief Howell started Low Country Radio station in his home to broadcast the local Wildcat games. The station can be heard around the world. To find out more visit Low Country Radio. In 2014 Chief Howell was honored State of Georgia Fire Chief of the Year. Visit BCES to learn more about Bryan county Emergency Services. 1 – From Bryan County News

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